Winter Term Activities

Each term we include activities relevant to the time of year and this term we are focusing on winter into spring. Children love this time of year as we have lots of activities to focus on.

Chinese New Year

During the winter term, children will be learning about the Chinese new year with various activities undertaken in both nursery rooms that are age appropriate for each group.

Valentine's day

Children love to make cards for family and friends and we give them the opportunity to show how much they care on Valentine’s day.

Frogs and caterpillars


We will be looking at real-life caterpillars and frogs so that the children can learn what happens throughout their life cycles.

Hatching Chicks

Children will be learning about the hatching of baby chicks with the opportunity to view and hold the chicks. They also learn about hand hygiene and how to wash their hands correctly.


As we come to the end of term we will have activities centred around Easter. Children will be making Easter cards, bonnets, baskets and a competition designing an Easter egg with the opportunity to win a small prize.