Toddler (2 to 3)

Registering for a place

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Room Features

Our 2-3’s room offers education and care for children in this age group. We are currently registered to have a maximum of 44 children per session and have regular, consistent practitioners working in the room. We also have specialist staff who work alongside   children with additional needs. The practitioners interact with the children by encouraging, facilitating and supporting them whilst they have fun and learn through play. Children are encouraged to talk about their experiences and share their  enjoyment with others, thus enabling the children to become more confident and independent.

The 2-3 room is divided into different sections which cover all areas of learning. In addition children have access to baking activities and helping with fund raising events to support nursery trips and outings.

Our sensory area is appropriately equipped for young children and enables them to explore different textured materials and objects using their developing senses. We have a large  selection of natural objects, lights, mirrors and reflective objects to stimulate the children’s senses. Alongside the sensory area the children have access to heuristic play which are used to develop imaginary play skills and ‘find out’ about the properties of every day and natural objects such as fir cones, corks, bushes, lids, wooden and leather objects and everyday objects i.e. Plugs and chains.

Messy play is very important and gives young children the opportunity to develop early mark making skills and explore a wide range of textures along side their peers. Staff encourage children to get involved and this sometimes means children can get extremely dirty. The children also have daily access to sand and water.

 The book area is a place where children can relax and be calm. They can sit with key workers and find comfort with opportunities to have quiet time looking at a book or singing some familiar rhymes.

We use a variety of music from different cultures for children to listen to as well as familiar nursery rhymes. The children have the chance to listen to music and explore a variety of sounds with musical instruments. They can move their whole bodies to a   variety of beats and connect with their peers.

We have rhyme bags containing different puppets and props to use during circle time which happens before lunch and again before tea. We find that it helps children to connect their ideas and understanding when learning nursery rhymes. The books in the book area are bright and bold and some have flaps and buttons for children to discover.

We consider outdoor play to be vital for your child’s health, development and education. Children will have the opportunity to develop physical skills, spatial awareness and learn to take appropriate risks. We have daily free flow access to the garden in all seasons to enable the children to experience being outside. Nursery provides full body suits for the children so their indoor clothes keep warm and dry. We ask parents to provide wellington boots during the wet winter months.

Time Split

Children’s learning records

We keep a learning record for all individual children, including observations and achievements at Pre-School as well as a     selection of work. We observe children in a   systematic way, using either written notes and   photographs and record these on individual tablets. We are able to focus on each child to monitor progress and plan next steps in line with the child’s     interests, which will help them to work towards the Early Learning goals. We encourage parents to make use of a contribution folder which can be used for handwritten notes, photographs or they can be e-mailed to These records are shared at a parent’s evening or when the child leaves nursery.

Week Room Schedule

Nursery times

8:00am-1:00pm Morning session

1:00pm-4:00pm Afternooon session

8:00am-4:00pm Full Day

Nursery is open from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday, term time only.

Free 15 Hours Early Education sessions are offered 8:30am-11:30am or 1:00pm-4:00pm Monday to Friday. Parents/Carers have the option to pay for wraparound sessions which provides the opportunity to extend the nursery hours, subject to availability. Please see a member of staff for more details.

We would appreciate it if you will bring your child on time and collect them promptly at the end of the session.

In nursery we have a late fee policy. You must collect your child on time and must be 18 years old and above. Furthermore you must inform a member of staff if someone different is collecting your child with a pre-set password.