Light and Dark / Bonfire Night




Understanding of the World 

  • Turn off the lights, make the room dark and use a torch to create light and make shadows on surfaces.
  • Ask your child what makes natural light and which light is man made. Use the worksheet to check their answers Different types of Light

Communication and language

  • Introducing the cat and the mouse from the story, ask your child if they recognise what sound the cat makes.
  • Introducing light and dark and asking your child open ended questions, such as “What can you see when the lights are turned off and on?”

Moving and Handling

  • Encourage your child to go outside to collect leaves and listen to the sound of the leaves. Ask your child what they can hear outside.
  • Your child can make a house for the mouse using a shoe box.

Bonfire Night 

Unfortunately this year we are unable to carryout our yearly display of fireworks for the children in nursery. We hope children and their families are staying safe indoors this bonfire night.

Here’s a few activities that you can carryout with your child. 


Expressive Art and Design 

  • Can you help your child create a poem about fireworks or light and dark
  • Draw and colour pictures of fireworks


Communication and Language 

  • Using Youtube listen to the sounds of rockets and fireworks with your child and ask them to sound out what they hear, encourage them to use sounds such as “Whoosh”, “Bang” “Crackle” and “Pop”.