Lunch and Snack 

Woodroyd Nursery do not provide lunch and therefore parents and carers will need to bring a packed lunch for their child if they stay over the lunch period (11:30 – 12:30). We ask that parents and carers prepare a healthy packed lunch for their child free from crisps and chocolates. It is an Ofsted requirement that we promote healthy eating within nursery.

We produce a healthy and varied option for snack time which includes different fruits and vegetables. We also offer crackers to children at snack time along with a drink of milk.

Children are encouraged to have a drink of water throughout the day. All children have a water bottle with their photograph on and staff ensure that the water bottles are filled with fresh water throughout the day. The water bottles are kept on a table within the rooms giving children access to have a drink of water whenever they choose. 

We encourage children to eat healthily by offering a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables for a healthy snack.

Children under 5 attending the nursery are entitled to receive milk free of charge 189 ml (1/3 pint) of milk for each day they attend for 2 hours or more. We encourage the children to drink fresh milk as it has a huge number of benefits for children’s health, supporting healthy bones and teeth.

Drinks of water will be offered regularly throughout the day. Children are made aware that water is available at all times and each child has a named water bottle throughout the day. Children will be assisted in obtaining a drink of water should they need help.