Owl Babies

Owl Babies is a wonderful book which helps tackle anxieties and fears about temporary separation. Three baby owls who wake up to discover their mother isn’t there. Without her, they feel scared and vulnerable. But mum soon returns, and they feel comfortable and reassured. 

Watch the reading of the Owl Babies story with your child by clicking on the Youtube link  Owl Babies Youtube


  • Help your child find objects in the home that begin with the letter ‘O’ 
  • Sound out the words from the story such as “Owl” and “I want my Mummy!” 


Physical Development 

  • Make up your own Owl dance by shaking your feathers, or why not pretend to wobble on a tree branch 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

  • Once you have watched the story talk to your child about how the owl babies must have felt when they were on their own on the branch. Has your child ever felt scared? What could the babies do to make themselves feel better? What makes your child feel better?


Can you create your own owl using brown tissue papers and twigs?