Peace at Last

This book helps to support children’s understanding of routines and why the days are getting shorter. It talks about animals that come out at night (nocturnal animals) and sleeping routines. 

If you do not have a copy to the book you can watch the story on Youtube using the following link  Peace at Last Youtube


Communication and Language

  • Help your child to explore vocal sounds by repeating words in the story such as “tick tock”, “twit two” and “meow.”
  • Listen carefully to environmental sounds such as the clock ticking and see if your child can guess the sounds.


Physical Development 

  • Try moving like one of the animals in the story such as a cat or an owl.
  • Ask your child questions like “Did Mr Bear wear a coat and put his shoes on to go outside?” Encourage your child to put on their own coat and shoes.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

  • Have a pyjama day and read or listen to the story with your child and their favourite teddy bear.



Encourage your child to count the Teddy Bear faces and see how many they can count.

Counting Teddy Bear Faces


Expressive Art and Design 

  • Role play a Teddy Bears Tea Party with your child.
  • Draw and colour a picture of a teddy bear, asking your child what features a teddy bear has i.e. mouth and nose.